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Original - The Avoca Advantage

Original - The Avoca Advantage

At Avoca Technologies we strive for excellence product quality, performance and original designs. This results in a product portfolio of the highest grade.

Technical Support and Testing

When you select an Avoca product, you can be confident that it has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets the top performance standards of the industry.  We work closely with the leading mobile operators in Canada, which allows us to put our products through extensive testing against a wide range of leading GSM products. This ensures that our products exceed the expectations of the mobile operators and ultimately the end consumers.

Speed of Execution

We understand that time to market and first-mover advantage are key factors in the success of our customers. That's why some of the US and Canada's largest companies rely on Avoca Technologies and our ability to execute at speed without compromising on quality or service, providing them with a competitive advantage.

Flexibility combined with the right attitude

The demands of today's market can cause our customers to change plans at a moment’s notice. At Avoca Technologies we understand this and as a result, we have built a flexible organization focused on meeting these changes head on. Whether you require flexibility in terms of order and inventory management, price protection, product design or unique packaging requirements, we are committed to fulfilling your needs.

Strategic Partnerships

Avoca Technologies has developed strategic partnerships with a number of leading manufacturers and service providers resulting in a world class supply chain.  This allows us to provide the latest products, at a superior quality, while maintaining competitive price points.

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