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Welcome to Avoca - A Catered Experience

Avoca Technologies is dedicated to bringing the latest consumer electronic products to the Canadian market. With our unique approach to sales and engineering, we are guaranteed to have the most innovative electronics available. Avoca’s ability to strategically introduce cutting-edge products within this marketplace allows for a tailored experience.

Introducing the Avoca Brand

When selecting the Avoca brand, you can be confident that you are choosing a product of superior quality. With our constant product development, we are able to bring forth superior performance with eye catching designs at a competitive price. So whether you are a channel partner who is looking to offer advanced technology or an end user looking for an effective solution, Avoca will exceed expectations.


Avoca Technologies has entered into exclusive distribution agreements with a select number of world class manufacturers and solution providers. While Avoca Technologies' primary goal is to build the Avoca Brand we will continue to evaluate opportunities which allow us to bring unique and innovative solutions to market.


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